Friday, July 2, 2010

The Nysa Sutra

Thus I have heard. once, Zeus brought all of the Gods to the summit of Mount Nysa in India. Hera had asked Zeus to explain the Charvakas way to all who would listen. About Zeus were gathered not only the gods but many wise samnyasins who would latter convey the Charvakas or Lokayata doctrine to the world. Zeus, whom the samnyasins called Brihaspati, is the priest of the gods and he performed the sacred Soma ritual for all. When all had partaken of the Soma one of the samnyasins came foward, bowed and asked Zeus a question.
Samnyasin: Brihaspati, what is the doctrine of the Lokayata?
Zeus: 1: Om: here follows the doctrine of the Lokayata.
2: Nothing exists.
3: Everything exists.
4: Everything is a unity.
5: Everything is a multiplicity.
6: Nothing is being.
7: Being is nothing.
8: Being is in nothingness.
9: Nothingness is in being.
10: You are nothing.
11: The whole world is nothing.
12: Nothingness is nowhere; it cannot be found apart from others.
13: Nothingness is everywhere and is everything; it is the one, the all.
14: It is the expanse, nothingness and motion.
15: Nothing in itself is neither this nor that.
16: Nothing exists in the form of this and that.
17: Nothing in itself is not just this and not just that.
18: Nothing exists in the form of just this and just that.
19: Nothing, as it exists in the form of being is noth now and then.
20: Nothing in itself is neither now nor then.
21: Nothing as it exists in the form of being is both here and there.
22: Nothing in itself is neither here nor there.
23: A being is both that and this.
24: A being is neither this nor that.
25: Before the rectification of names a being has no name.
26: When names are rectified one being is only this and another being is only that.
27: After the de-rectification of names a being'
s name names neither this nor that while at the same time it names both this and that.
28: Nothing is action.
Athena, who would also come to teach the way, along with the many samnyasins spoke.
Athena: The wheel of the Lokayata has been set going by Brihaspati on Mount Nysa, a wheel which has not been set going before by any mortal or immortal!
Thus at that time all the immortals and mortals raised a great shout as the world shuddered; a great light shone from Mount Nysa on that day that surpassed the majesty of every other light.
That light continues to shine brightly even to this day and it is seen whenever one comes to realize supreme enlightenment.

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